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Stories at "street level"; personal observations and wisdom observed.

Having been employed in the software industry for many years, I've had the privilege to watch it grow and morph into an increasingly more sophisticated state.

It wasn't always like that. I've seen some shrewd strategy unfold as well as a lot of blunders. Several people have suggested I should write a book about my experiences, however, at this point, I think I'll leave it to some fun reminiscing about the years past.

The following blogs are a personal view of what transpired.

Not having been at the helm of these firms, but a quota-carring salesman on the street interacting with customers, this is a personal view. My opinions or observations may contradict the "official" history and may contain some inaccuracies, but it is what I observed and some of the conclusions that I drew from the vantage point from which I participated in this industry.

The Value of Persistence

Microsoft wins due to persistence and their competitor's lack of persistence... sometimes sticking to a vision counts!

Many people see Bill Gates and Microsoft as being very fortunate and lucky. Indeed, they are.  However, even if many of the circumstances of their success were eliminated, the fact is that he and the people around him worked very hard and persisted until they were successful, much more than their competitors.  

Windows was first announced to the world in 1983.  It languished as a curiosity item until November 1992 with the announcement at the COMDEX show in Las Vegas.  Microsoft had been working on the product for nine years before it became an “overnight” success.


Clever observation of predictable human behaviour paid off towards winning the market

A lack of faith and support for employees sunk this NASDAQ darling

Stumbling into Success

Analyst propels company in spite of management

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