Top-line Revenue Execution

The Challenge

Your sales team is key to your revenue.  If they flounder, the whole company suffers.  

Executing a sales process and equipping your sales team is critical to this.  The better your team executes, the more consistent and reliable the forecast will become.

Aligning your team and initiatives for sales success is essential for the sales team's success.  Often sales teams feel like they are fighting the rest of the company to make a sale and make their customers successful.  Should they be expending energy trying to align your company or spend it developing and closing deals?  Organizational alignment is a conscious action.  If not consciously pursued, as your company grows, the tension will be created within your organization and develop sales friction.

A personal example a few years ago, I had a large bank wanting to issue a $2 million order, and I spent months trying to convince the company I worked for to take the money.  In the end, I was successful, but I spent a considerable amount of time selling internally and not selling to the customer. (BTW, the deal was an absolute success and foundational for the company’s future success, but there were times when I honestly thought my management team worked for our competitors!).

There are a lot of elements to sales execution, foremost being sales skills and situational fluency.  These are foundational to your company’s success.  We believe that sales skills are acquired on the job, and that learning best takes place one-on-one working with real opportunities.  Hence, our approach to individually mentor and coach.

How We Can Help

Talk to us about analyzing your sales execution as an organization, as a team, and on the individual level. Having worked for dozens of software companies, we've seen what works and what doesn't. We can help your management team and individual salespeople to grow your business faster.

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