Delighting Customers

The Challenge

Through our years, we have learned what key elements go into delighting customers.  We can help you bake the necessary components and milestones into your sales process to increase the likelihood that a customer will be a reference and see your company as a model vendor and be willing to provide references.

Delighting customers begins during the sales cycle.  If the seeds to satisfaction are not planted in your sales processes, you risk your growth and profitability.  Once you go beyond the early innovators, mainstream customers want to know a few things:

• Who else uses your product?

• Who in my industry uses your product in and what areas of their business?

• Who are your competitors?• What industry press coverage have you received?

If you can’t successfully answer these questions, you arouse suspicion and evoke a cautious instinct.  As one customer once reminded me “Pioneers have arrows in their back”.

The satisfaction and happiness of your customers are vital to growing your company.  It may seem like stating the obvious, but when you begin to explore what companies do to delight their customers, they often have very cursory processes in place, leaving it to chance.  There are a lot of elements to creating delighted customers.  

If you are not making this a high priority, you jeopardize your ability to expand your business.  Your business is too important to leave this as a superficial effort.

How We Can Help

We bring a set of best practices of making your customers successful learned over hundreds of sales and implementations. They range from mapping out expectations and follow-on calls to ensure success and work within your organization to ensure that goals and expectations are aligned.

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