Aligning Sales & Marketing Messaging for Demand Creation

The Challenge

Customers today have many choices and are inundated with marketing messages, all aspiring to gain their attention.  Your message has about 2-3 seconds for a customer to assess its relevance.

Too often, marketing literature is of little to no use to the sales team.  For it to be useful, it needs to answer some basic questions very quickly.  Do your messaging needs to earn the right to be read:• What is this about?

• Why do I care?

• What's in it for my company or me?

• How do you validate your claims, and is this relevant to my organization?

Too often, marketing materials are focused on the capabilities of the products or services they are attempting to promote.  Generic claims like "extensible, scalable, and high ROI" can describe anything from a toaster, tires, and sewing machines.  These words don't say anything; in fact, they blur and obfuscate your message.In support of sales teams, customers usually are looking for two types of literature:

1. Product or service information (for whitepapers, the more specific the details, the better these are received)

2. Success stories that are relevant to their particular circumstances - best done as stories that include quantitative measurements.

For your literature to be sales-ready and effective, it needs to be aligned with each stage of a sales cycle.  

For example, customers are looking for different information when they are exploring their options for a solution versus comparing vendors for a particular product.

Sales messaging needs to be focused on the needs of specific vertical markets and the corresponding roles.  Appealing to a CFO is different than the SVP of Architecture or the EVP of Retail banking.  Rather than leave this for each salesperson to derive on their own, we believe this is a crucial role for marketing and aligns efforts to maximize results for the whole organization.

How We Can Help

We can help align your messaging to make it sales-ready and pertinent to your sales cycle's various stages. We focus on transforming product information, whitepapers, and slideware into sales-ready messaging.

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